Basically Right

I guess it’s only fitting that my first ever blog post be titled, “Basically Right.” Basically right is the same thing as saying, “close enough.” In high school I took a class called Families and Children. I was never an over-achiever, well… actually, who am I kidding, I was just never an achiever, so a class called Families and Children seemed like an easy A. I had a family and I was once a child! Piece of cake. The class was easy, up until finals. For a majority of the grade you had to have this doll that had a computer in it that tracked your parenting skills: if it cried too long, didn’t get fed in a timely manner, was neglected… blah blah blah. You had to have the doll over the weekend and then bring it back Monday to see how you did.

On Friday I took my precious little daughter home and introduced her to her grandparents. That evening she began to cry. I stuck the key in her (because that’s how you quiet a baby, after all) and nothing! She didn’t stop so, I twisted harder and broke the key. She continued to cry so I put her in the closet and stacked pillows on top of her until the sound was muffled enough to sleep through. Then I proceeded to sleep like a baby!

On Monday I brought my doll back to my teacher. I didn’t say anything and just hoped by some miracle the report made no notes of her untimely death or the neglect leading up to it.

I wasn’t so lucky… She called me up and asked what happened: why my doll was no longer active and why I only got through half a day! Needless to say I failed that section of the final and ended up with a C overall in the class. When I got that C I was thrilled. I thought for sure I failed the class. So, to me a C was close enough to an A! I’ll take it!!!

For the most part, I’m alright with being basically right, close enough or even “that’ll do” but when it comes to being a child of God, I knew I couldn’t die, approach God and say, “Well, I’m close enough, right?” It was all or nothing. He gets my whole heart. Every other part of my life can be basically right but not my salvation. Praise God He worked a miracle in me. I achieved the most precious gift. As far as I’m concerned I get an A. As for the rest of my life, well….

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